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The way destiny works is inscrutable indeed! The next day when Elayath was being led to the execution ground, some Brahmin scholars, who were well known to him, happened to see him hand-cuffed and going with the palace guards. Shocked at the sight of the poor man, they questioned him to find out what crime he had committed to deserve such an extreme punishment.

Elayath was quick to narrate his venture and told them that though astrologically he was destined to live a long life, it appeared as if he would not do so. They immediately rushed to Shakthan Thampuran and narrated in detail, how the astrologer, though foolishly, had embarked upon a venture, to put astrology under test.

Thampuran, a scholar himself, exonerated Elayath and ordered his immediate release. Thampuran was however angry with Elayath. Thampuran told Elayath that he being a student of the divine science must not have tried to test the power of heavenly planets and that too by adopting such hazardous and stupid methods. However, Elayath, as was his nature, argued that he did not take any chance, as he was too sure that he would not die.

The proof was his own case, where even an attempt to invite death failed, as he was destined to live a full life astrologically. As an astrologer par excellence, it was not difficult for Elayath to narrate some more events of his life and of others whom he knew, to convince the king about the correctness of his astrological conclusions. This event paved way for the astrologer to establish a lasting camaraderie with the Thampuran.

As years rolled over Thampuran became much convinced with the extraordinary astrological skills of Elayath. In due course, Elayath became a member of the retinue of Thampuran. Whenever July Bangalore Sureshwara Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara has been involved in the study of the application of Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita and Vedic Astrology in modern life. His lectures and writings on these subjects have been well received.

He is the author of the recently released book Ramayana - Values, Then and Now. The illustrious Dr. Raman was its Editor from to He has taught Engineering at various universities. His varied and extensive industry experiences cover many disciplines of Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering. Hanuman has a unique place in Ramayana. Loyalty, strength and character are synonymous with Hanuman. The disappearance of Sita Devi was the catalyst that triggered the various events needed to uproot Sri Rama from the peaceful forest life and move Him into Lanka to initiate the divine plan to get rid of Ravana.

While Sri Rama and Lakshmana were wandering in the forests in search of Sita, they arrived at the beautiful Pampa Lake located near Rasyamukha hill. Sugriva who lived in the hills saw the two royal brothers and immediately suspected that his brother Vali had sent them. As panic and fear sets in Sugriva, he sent Hanuman to find out about the people.

Hanuman had extraordinary intuition and other abilities. By carefully watching the facial expressions and body languages of Sri Rama and Lakshmana, he came to a quick and comfortable conclusion that they were not sent by Vali. Fearing that his vanara appearance may not be appropriate, he approaches the royal brothers as a mendicant. The gentle and pleasant words from Hanuman to Sri Rama and Lakshmana provide valuable guidance in the area of diplomacy.

Hanuman is a diplomat par-excellence and a pious person of humility. Sugriva had momentarily forgotten the promise made to Sri Rama to help in locating Sita Devi.

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When Hanuman reminded Sugriva about the promise made to Sri Rama, he quickly recognized his responsibility and duty. Sri Rama intuitively felt that Hanuman would locate Sita and handed over a ring to him to show it to her when she is located. Hanuman, Angada and others were unable to locate Sita Devi for a long time. They expressed their anguish and disappointment in not finding Sita Devi. The despondency turned into joy when Sampati, the divine vulture, told Hanuman, Angada and Jambavan the approximate whereabouts of Sita. He would remember or realize that he had extraordinary strength at critical times only when he was specifically reminded about it.

July Don't worry about the rest, let it be Swamiji's concern. Fill the hearts with friendliness rather than with enmity. Develop love of international brotherhood and establish world peace. The 32 mandalas or the plans that the texts of Vastu have spoken about can be applied to every aspect of human life beginning from single square mandala of the simple mat that the common man sits on and the elders use for their prayers sakala and the fire altar agni kund to the four 2 x 2 squares mandala ofgarbha gudi of the lord pechaka to the nine 3 x 3 squares mandala of identifying the bhootas primary elements and the cardinal directions peeta to the 64 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 squares mandala used for temples manduka and asana to the 81 9 x 9 squares mandala used for human habitations - independent homes, flats, row houses, villas, business places paramasayika.

This article primarily concentrates on the Vastu needs of the modern fitness centers. The earlier generations used to go for walking, climbed the stairs, sat on the floors and got up and down many times during the day. They used the grinding stone pounding stone, mortar and pestle with their hands to prepare various mixes including the kitchen masalas. They would be constantly working their hands and legs doing the various chores and generally be healthy.

All that was needed for these people was a single family doctor who would administer a minimum dosage for any ill health. Most of the time these folk remained healthy.

The life of a person born under this lagna can be more or less distinctly divided into three parts: viz. In short usually during this period he leads an animal and unintellectual existence. By the time he emerges out of this period of dirt and mire he completely gets accustomed to that sort of life and develops a bull-like tenacity of purpose. First Part The first one-third of his life may be truly said to be one of sweat, toil and tears. With lagnadhipathi Sukra owning the sixth house where he has his moolathrikona, and tenth house ownership going to Saturn, essentially a labour planet, cold to the extreme and slow with the least Nisargika bala, his-early life is an unceasing battle against odds.

Enemies deliberately thwarting his purposes for which he has worked laboriously days on end, in comparatively little time to the accompaniment of utter desperation and frustration on account of his inability to pay back in the same coins is a unique experience tor a son or daughter of this lagna. Very rarely one gets peace of mind or happiness. His only solace is in work, work and continued work. Lord of Scorpio Ma gets debilitated in Cancer. For Sagittarius, Pisces is Vasya sign. Pisces - Rule 2 applies.

Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by the same planet Ju. For Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries is Vasya sign. Aquarius - Rule 2 applies. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by the same planet Sa. Aries - Rule 1 applies. The lord of Aries gets exalted in Capricorn. For Aquarius, Aries is Vasya sign. Aquarius - Rule 3 applies. The lord of Aquarius gets debilitated in Aries. Fro Pisces, Sagittarius is the Vasya sign.

Sagittarius - Rule 2 applies. Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by the same planet. Lesson to remember: The sages never tell a thing without reason and Logic!! We just need to search and find it out!! DW: What does this posting tell us in terms of interpretation? What can be learnt from this posting? Is there a spiritual revelation? For me vasya rearranged comes to. Sreenadh: Thanks. Coming to our subject of discussion, i. Vasya Signs- Vasya means, mutual attraction.

The classics talk about signs which have some kind of mutual attraction. Put in other words, the people born in Vasya signs Asc or Moon sign of each other gets attracted to each other, either sexual attraction or friendship. Because of this Vasya relation between the Lagna of the girl and boy. Vasya between the Moon signs of girl and boy are considered.

This concept is normally used while horoscope matching for marriage. It is the inherent quality of the horoscope and the sign in which the person is born is causing this attraction. The concept of Vasya Mutual attraction can also be used: 1 In Marriage compatibility This is the traditional use 2 In selecting your business partner.

But if we have some real relations, we can check the horoscope to verify that, whether this principle of Vasya is there at work causing the bond, and helping us to strengthen the relation. I hope, though simple, having this sound and useful concept in our wallet of astrological knowledge, would be useful also in. Vinita Kumar: The subject of astrology excites me but I get very confused about the basics. Sometimes I think I should just give it up - or Im too old to start acquiring this kind of knowledge.

Why is it that I miss the big picture - or have to struggle so much??? But maybe I find all this struggle fun too - something like trying to solve a difficult puzzle till I get the solution. In the same spirit I tried to find the logic behind the Vasya signs and got even more. Applying the 2 rules that Sreenadh mentioned and expanding the rule of exaltation to cover debilitation also I have the following questions: For Aries - Leo and Scorpio are the Vasya signs following the 2 rules. But following the same rules why should Cancer and Capricorn not be VAsya signs since the ruler of Aries gets debilitated in Cancer and exalted in Capricorn.

Sreenadh: This is one of the mails I was longing to see when I posted that message on Vasya signs. First of all let me clarify one thing. When I tried to understand the logic behind Vasya signs, I found not just 3 rules, but 5 rules, and a sign gets accepted as a Vasya sign if at least according to 2 of those rules that sign becomes a Vasya sign!!! This well explains the fact why some of the signs are not considered as Vasya signs as well, even though some relations exist between them. Yes, you guessed it. The earlier message on Vasya signs was a simplified version, just indicating only the most important rules.

One more thing, these are NOT the rules that are given in classics, but the result of our thought, why Vasya relationship is ascribed to these signs only. The 5 possible rules that are considered for determining Vasya signs 1 Signs owned by planets with same bhootatipatya, are vasya signs to each other.

But if two signs are owned by the same planet, then this rule is applicable only if that sign is the first one of those two starting from Aries , or if the sign is the Moolatrikona sign. For Sun and Moon Bhootathipatya is not assigned 2 If the lord of the sign is debilitated in some sign, then that sign could be a. Vasya sign to the first. This rule is applicable only to the sign that is second if 2 sings are owned by the same planet starting from Aries.

Or to the sign that is not moolatrikona for any planet. But if two signs are owned by the same planet, then this rule is applicable only if that sign is the first one of those two starting from Aries. But this rule is applicable only if the sign owned by the exalted planet comes as 3rd, 4th, or 6th of the considered sign. But this rule is applicable, only if the sign owned by the debilitated planet comes as 3rd, 4th, or 6th of the considered sign. These are the only five rules that are considered for Vasya signs, it seems. Let us consider each sign and apply these rules and see what is the result we get.

The signs indicated by the first rule is ignored since Bhootathipatya is not assigned to Mo, i. The signs indicated by the first rule is ignored since Bhootathipatya is not assigned to Su, i. It is too much typing and so I make it short for the remaining signs. For Virgo we get, as per rule 1, Ge ; and as per rule 2 Pi; remaining gives blank.

So Ge and Pi are vasya signs for Vi. For Li We get as per rule 2, Vi ; and as per rule 4, Cp; remaining gives blank. So Vi and Cp are vasya signs for Li. For Sc W e get, as per rule 2, Cn ; remaining gives blank. Therefore, Cn is the vasya sign for Sc. For Sg We get, as per rule 1, Pi; and as per rule 3 Pi ; remaining gives blank.

Therefore Pi is the vasya sign for Sg. For Cp We get, as per rule 1, Aq; and as per rule 3 Aq; and as per rule 4 Ar ; remaining gives blank. Therefore Aq and Ar are vasya sings for Cp. For Aq We get, as per rule 2 Ar ; remaining gives blank. Therefore Ar is the vasya sign for Aq. For Pi We get, as per rule 2 Co; ; remaining gives blank. Therefore Cp is the vasya sign for Pi. But this logic gives, proper signs as vasya rasis we could see. If you find it not sufficient make your own amendments and use it. But some forwards from other groups and some branching discussions kept it alive for some more time and helped in new knowledge imparting] Sreenadh: I am posting here a message that I have posted on another forum, while discussing the same.

Hope this would generate some valuable discussion in this forum as well. Here it follows Vasya attraction between the Lagna signs or Moon signs is one of the criterion for determining the mutual attraction between two individuals. It is NOT the lone criterion for determining the same! There is another system called Rasi vasyam to have a primary understanding about the sexual attraction and compatibility between people born on different signs.

As you know there are some Nakshatra based rules as well to do the same. It is due to the existence of these many authentic rules, which gives prime importance to different factors that, we consider all of them in the marriage compatibility along with other rules to validate the future incidents in life and come to a conclusion almost in a statistical manner!! Yes, I agree, it is not the statistics but the understanding of the astrologer about the future events in store for the couple is more important.

But the well founded rules like Vasya really needs consideration, and should be appreciated. You can rephrase the above terminology based on Nakshatra as well. It is more related to the basic nature of the sign itself. Point -2 The nature of the sign is further clarified based on the following or similar concepts which fundamentally depends on the underlying concepts noted as point They are: 1 Rasyadhipatya 2 Exaltation-Debilitation 3 Human-Watery-Reptail-Quadrapad etc Point -3 The concepts that are based on concepts noted under point 1 or point 2 or similar ones.

Actually concepts noted under points 2 and 3, which are fundamentally based on the primary concepts or in turn on the secondary concepts needs to be pondered more, logically, so as to bringout the essential logic used by Rishis in designing them. But here in Vasya etc we are actually speaking about the nature of the sign, rather than the horoscope itself!! I think the point is clear at least to an extend, and expects more inputs from the leaned members. Then came a detailed response from Arjun ji causing the thread to branch out to other areas of knowledge such as Marriage compatibility as well] Pandit Arjun:.

This reconfirms the fact that the knowledge of astrology is like a ocean and one birth is not sufficient to master all. Dinam, ganam, mahendram, dheergham, yoni, rasi, rasyadhipati, vasyam, rajju, vedha or dosham, gothram, nakshatram, pakshi, bhootam and others are all listed for measuring each parameter of compatibility required in any relation between two individuals. To add to these, manglik dosham, kaalasarpa dosham, grahana dosham, besides various modern men researched or invented doshams are all there.

Unfortunately, the various measuring tools mentioned in various medieval classics have some inherent contradictions. However, in my personal experience, after studying all these things, when I learnt Lalkitab and its simplistic one chart based predictive technique, I am not focusing on these micro level comprehensive analysis based on various measuring tools.

Under vasya matching we see which Sign is amenable and affable to another. This is seen both from the boys sign to girls sign and also vice versa. However, two signs of the same planet are not mutually vasya viz. This sounds illogical. In Sarvartha Chintamani, the Pachakadi measuring system is a simple tool to predict the relative strength of each planet in a chart both in relation to other planets as well as houses by categorizing contradictions.

My humble submission is that in astrology there is no one single measuring tool to come to a conclusive observation on one parameter due to so many overriding rules. This is where a practicing astrologer if follows saatvik lifestyle and develops divine intuition, due to the vaak suddhi and vaak siddhi, the reading, analysis and prediction become simpler in an unscientific manner. Albeit this sounds illogical to scientific community, i have been healing and predicting this way. While according to mythology we treat planets including Pachak, Bodhak, Karak and Vedhak. Still the quest for knowing more continues and we keep reading, knowing and learning more with continued consistency.

May Jupiters light shine on all of us. Sreenadh: Thanks for the good mail. I highly appreciate those sincere thoughts. I feel that it is unsystematic i. I will clarify:Let us approach the first confusion encountered by any one approaching and trying to use marriage compatibility. You stated it nicely. Quote Dinam, ganam, mahendram, dheergham, yoni, rasi, rasyadhipati, vasyam, rajju, vedha or dosham, gothram, nakshatram, pakshi,bhootam and others are all listed for measuring each parameter of compatibility required in any relation between two individuals.

Unquote I agree. It would be the prime view that would be felt by any sincere person approaching marriage compatibility. But the point is that- The Acharyas have classified compatibility considerations stated above by you dinam, ganam etc.. Goodha Hidden marriage compatibility considerations. Of the above four the first 4 are direct application of some ancient concepts in marriage compatibility. The marriage compatibility system originated later only compared to those concepts.

The compatibility considerations given as Nakshatrarelated are may of still later application of some Nakshatra related concepts into compatibility, and many acharyas have told us that they should not be given much importance. Now comes the considering the star based Doshas. Yes, except one of them i. Vedha all of these are star based, and therefore the importance is to that extent only. So in essence it considers Sign and Nakshatra. So let us consider if the planetary placement. Now consider the Agoodha compatibility options as well based on our understanding of the family, education, status, health etc of male and female and their family!

The relatives of bride and groom will do this, even if the astrologer is not doing it. So we dont have to worry much about it. This is the well-classified system put forward by the Acharyas. Can we call it unscientific, or unsystematic?! We follow it or not, the situations allow us to do it or not, etc are all our trouble and the Acharyas should not be blamed for that!! Quote This is where a practicing astrologer if follows saatvik lifestyle and develops divine intuition, due to the vaak suddhi and vaak siddhi, the reading, analysis and prediction become simpler Unquote Yes, yes, all this is necessary, and I agree completely.

But would like to add that, we should add it up to the above systematic understanding of the system put forward by the Acharyas for the best results. Quote Stars and planets are existing in nature, signs are mythical in nature.

Edakkad Narayanan

I will explain. Our star i. Nakshatra is an area in sky, a stellar division, covering 13 deg 20 min. Thus become mythological due to the same reason you ascribed to rasi. But instead we are talking about Sun that is Father and Atma karaka, Moon that is mother and water, Mars that is warrior etc!!! If not mythological how will you understand it scientifically!! I will better agree upon using the word concept or hypothetical construct rather than the word mythological.

Actually these are the basic constructs in astrology similar to Vata-Pita-Kapha in Ayurveda and Vital force in naturopathy and that is why significance is assigned to these 4 categories only. While according to mythology we treat planets including satellite moon as gods and worship their personalities, astronomy and science paints them as balls of some mass. Unquote Here also the problem is with understanding the views of ancient Rishis in there own light, I mean the system provided by they themselves.

I will explain: In their holistic approach. It was a system of study! But, yes, I should agree that, this lead to too many misunderstandings and confusions. But we should also. Just see how beautifully we can picturize things, when we seeSun - as a king, with a strong and matured body Moon - as a queen, with a motherly nature Venus - as the beautiful lady Gulika - as the snake etc!! The same system is in use, when we see Aries - as Ram Taurus - as Ox etc as well!! It is better to have a closer look at the logical systems used by the Rishis, such as AdhiBhowtika, Adhi-Daivika etc and also to have a closer look at the holistic system of study, before jumping into conclusions.

PS: It is the bigger picture, and the exact understanding of outlines of the subject under scrutiny is of importance in any study. That makes our work simpler. The first method is based on a quote from Prasnamarga and the second is based on a quote from Brihat Jataka by Varaha mihira. Heading is given to identify the sections that deals with these methods] Method - 1 Sreenadh: In Prasnamarga it is said that if a person with true inquisitiveness is approaching an astrologer, then the astrologer should tell him about problem he is facing and should suggest the appropriate solution.

But how? How should we astrologers know, what the qurent is thinking about, if he is presenting the query by himself? In places like Kerala, usually a person approaches an astrologer and just says : I want to cast a prasna. And it becomes the responsibility of the astrologer to decipher: 1 What the prasna is about? It is real challenge!! A challenge towards the capability of the astrologer, and also about the accuracy of horary astrology!! How the learned astrologers solve this situation?

Do you want to know? Then read on There are 2 slokas good and authentic that help the traditional astrologer to predict what the qurent is thinking about or what the query is about. One of them is from Prasnamarga and the other is from Varaha Hora. In this mail I will explain the first one - the one from Prasnamarga. The author of Prasnamarga has just quoted included this sloka from Vasishta Hora as evident from the next sloka Vasita vachanadasmath Meaning, Since Rishi Vasishta said this and also me author of Prasnamarga What is the meaning of that sloka?

Yes, it seems to be simple, and it seems that there is no secret hiding behind. It is not like that! What is that? The advice by Vasishta is that prediction should be based on Hora Kendra Trikonebhya. What is Hora? There for in essence it means, if there is any planet in the Lagna, then the qurent is seeking answer to the things indicated by that placement of that particular planet!

If there is no planet in Lagna, then what to do? Now the question is where to look - In 4th, in 7th or in 10th? The traditional answer to this question is first in 10th. That means 7th is stronger Kendra than 4th, and 10th is stronger Kendra than 7th. So look at the 10th house first.

If there is no planet in Lagna, then if there is a planet in 10th house, then the query is related to that placement! If there is no planet in 10th as well, then look in 7th to see whether there is any planet in it, if not look in 4th. Now what to do if there is no planet in Lagna as well as 10th, 7th and 4th? Look what the sloka says? Now, here also where to look? In 5th or 9th. The statement Prabala Utharotharam applies here as well. Now you can say that, if there is no planet in Lagna and Kendra then look for planets in 9th or 5th.

If there is a planet in 9th then the prasna is related to that. If 9th is vacant and if there is a planet in 5th then the prasna is related to that. If there is no planets in Lagna, Kendra and Trikona, then what to do? Then there is no point in that prasna, since the person is in an utterly problematic unsolvable situation, and even the guidance by the astrologer would be of no use to him. But still, there also you can look for the bad placement of Lagna lord first. I think at least for some the method is clear by now. Somebody can come forward with examples, to check how much it becomes true in his own experience.

Of course, the secret is not complete. There exists 1 more method as told earlier, from Varaha Hora that is used for the same purpose i. The learned astrologers use this method the method described earlier , and the one given in Varaha hora together, and considering the indications supplied by both of them come to a conclusion. I will explain the other method in another mail. Till then, let us experiment with this method. Souvik Datta: Bravo! Indeed hats off to Sreenadh ji! Beautiful theory. I see it working right in front of my eyes!

Thirsty for more Sreenadh ji, thirsty for much more : Student Always Sreenadh: Dont agree so easily Souvik ji, even if you are feeling it is correct. Probe it from all sides using logic and examples so that the discussions could flourish revealing new knowledge and understanding. Even if much trained, participating in real battles makes the warrior perfect, and in the same way a theory should find its success only after much logical probing and experimentation.

Yes, then it becomes perfect,. Here the theory put forward by Rishi Vasishta, seems to be a very useful and dependable one, concluding from the fact that hundreds of. Souvik Datta: The theory you have stated is indeed true as I tested it yesterday but again I agree that it is the exceptions that prove a theory. Sreenadh: I am really happy to know that.

See the second method used by the traditional astrologers as well. Use the 2 methods in a combined manner, since, the first method gives prime importance to House- Planet combination, and the second method gives prime importance to Sign-Planet combination. Yes, both of them are not that limited, since the astrologer who uses is can consider Sign-House-Planet. Combination, along with aspects always. But important point is that we should know, how to follow the systematic thought sequence logical systematic astrological thinking method indicated by the Rishis, for which the above methods stands as examples.

Method - 2 Sreenadh: In Prasnamarga it is said that if a person with true inquisitiveness is approaching an astrologer, then the astrologer should tell him about problem he is facing and should suggest the appropriate solution. Let us see, how the traditional astrologer are approaching this question, by making use of a Varaha Hora sloka.

Which sloka is that? I will quote it for you. Teshu yedheshu hithabhi baladya Keeta narambu chara pasavascha Meaning, Kandaka, Kendra, Chatushtaya are respectively names for 7th,1st and 4th Houses. Of them Reptail signs, Human signs and Water signs, and quadruped sign are strong in order.

What secret is there? How can it help us in understanding the thought of the qurent? Think that the presna Arudha or Lagna at the time of query was Aries. Now look is the 7th house a reptile sign Sc and Cn? Is the 1st hose a Human sign? Is the 4th House Cn a water sign? Is the 10th House a quadruped sign? But what is the natural tendency of the Lagna? Lagna In this case, Aries is a quadruped sign, which should naturally gets its strength if placed in 10th!! That means the natural tendency of the person is to concentrate and immerse himself in work! He is more interested in work, and dont like any disturbances in that, but the family is holding him back!!

Yes, with the fact alone that Aries is the ascent, you are able to reach this much! Whether his actual problem is the family 4th house or the job 10th house? If not the inability financial or otherwise of the qurent is also causing the situation to become worse! Does it mean that all prasna indicates bad things only? It is not like that. When presna Arudha or Lagna is Aries and if there is no problem with 4th and if there is a well placed planet in 10th then the query is related to 10th, about a positive subject, such as a promotion in job or the like!

Similarly if there is no problem with 10th and if there is a well placed planet in 4th e. Yes you know the answer. The sign that becomes strong is the 7th house, since it is a retail sign. Retail signs are strong in 7th - So the query could be about marriage or a marital problem. The that should become strong or the natural tendency of the Taurus lagna is 10th house.

Taurus in a quadruped sign - so he should better concentrate on work. Does he do so? Locate what the qurent wants to ask about could be either good or bad situations basing your thinking on these lines. It is easy to locate - combined with the additional clues the planetary placement gives us!! I think atleast to some of us the idea is clear by now. If both of them leads them to the same conclusion, then usually they wont allow the qurent to speak, and tell his problem on his face, and thus catching him in absolute surprise!!

Once this happens then it becomes a very easy task for the astrologer since, after that what ever he says would be accepted by the qurent by not even without a question! The good astrologers take it as a positive tool to give good guidance and counseling to the qurent and direct him in the right path.

Bad astrologers - humm You know what that do Yes, that is why it is said that astrology is a double edged sward. Yes, I agree, all knowledge is similar - good in the hands of good people, and bad in the hands of bad people. Those were some side thoughts - back to astrology.

Payyanur - ybiqasyr.tk

Experiment with the above principle. Lesson to remember: Some slokas that seems simple hides ample secrets within!! And it demands hard efforts form the part of us to bring them out. Souvik Datta: As usual splendid, Sreenadhji. You do not leave a pinch of doubt! However, can I ask. Can you please let me know the basis of classification of the Rasis into reptile, water, quadruped and human signs and also would it be possible to give a list of those rasis for our benefit.

Ever grateful! Sreenadh: Depend on your clear understanding, since the list given by various texts may vary slightly. Let us consider the imaginary shape that is ascribed to each signs: 1 Aries: The Sanskrit word is Mesha, meaning Ram uncastrated male sheep. As you know it is a four footed animal. Yes, it is also a quadruped and thus Taurus a quadruped sign. So it is clear that it is a Biped human sign. But this sign also represents many beings with 2 legs, Biped, such as chicken etc as well, since the synonym Jootuma, of Gemini represents chicken, or many other 2 legged birds that mingle with humans.

Remember it is the same situation with all the other signs as well. Each sign is significator of many living beings. I am not going into it, since I want to limit this mail to the subject under discussion 4 Cancer: The Sanskrit word is Karkata, meaning crab yes, the crab that lives in water. Here a confusion popes up. The Nakshatra Aslesha represents snake, the Nakshatra Pushyami has got the other name bee hive. Many saints have told us that we can think about all the non-poisonous reptiles with cancer sign.

So in short it is a reptile sign. Actually the word used by saints is Sareesripa, any thing that move with it belly, such as snake, chameleon et. This sign could represent not only reptiles but also bees, crabs, fish, butterflies etc as well To represent such beings only 2 signs are used, Sc and Cn, and so this is a reptile sign for sure.

But as you know the crab lives in water, and the sign itself represent, a pure water not salty water pond, and therefore it is a water sign as well. So cancer could be a reptile sign or a watery sign! And so the confusion. Yes, for sure it is a quadruped sign. Yes, it is a Biped human sign for sure. It is symbolically depicted that this lady is traveling in a boat through a river with plant in one hand and fire in other. So there could arise a confusion that it is a water sign as well.

But there is not much support for this argument, as far as the main classification is concerned. Yes, the presence of water becomes important, if you are thinking about the availability of water, with the use of prasan or the like, otherwise we can discard it, and it is a human sign for sure. The symbolic pictorial representation of the sign is of a man with a balance the measuring instrument in his hands, sitting is a street side market, selling something. So for sure it is a human sign. The sign has got other names such as Snake, bee hive etc as well.

As stated earlier it is one of the 2 Sareesripa signs, any thing that move with it belly, so for sure it is a Reptile sign. It represents anything that is poisonous and deadly. It is symbolically represented as a kingly warrior with bows and arrows, but the portion below hip of that person is horse like! So here also there is little amount of confusion. It is said that, the 1st half of Sagittarius is quadruped and the remaining half human. The symbolic representation of the sign is half crocodile like and the remaining half dear like!

So here also confusion exists. But yes, the first half of Capricorn could be considered as water sign and the remaining half Quadruped sign.

T. N. Narayanan Nambuthiri

The symbolic representation is, a man with a pot in his hand going in search of water. So it is for sure a human sign. But the presence of Pot in the symbolic representation of the sign makes someone think that it is a water sign as well, which is false, since the pot is empty.

Yes, fish that lives in salt water. The sign itself represents the sea. So it is watery sign for sure. Due to this situation, it is better to depend on the symbolic representation, and your own clear understanding of that symbolic. If you just try to depend on slokas, you will find slokas, that seems to be contradicting each other in the first look. Signs are Symbolic The shapes ascribed to the signs are symbolic.

For example take Libra. The symbol is of a man sitting with a balance in his hand weighing something, in a market place. So for sure, Libra represents a town, humans, measuring instruments, food that is eatable for humans, road, crowd, logically correct arguments, interest in mathematics, business men, learned, luxury, love for good life etc. See how clear it is! The same is the situation with other symbols.

Significance and its classification Significance are assigned only to 1 Signs 2 Nakshatras 3 Houses 4 Planets What can they signify? Each of them can represent any thing present in the world!! Or in other words, each of them represents, every thing present in the world!

Try to classify them yourself. This same rule for classification of significance for sign applies to Nakshatras, Houses and Plants as well. But the problem is that, due to the vastness this list and the subject you can not find proper lists in classics, but only simple directions. The slokas are just pointers, that directs you, the way through which you would have to exercise on your own thinking ability. Sahanou bhunaktuSaha veeryam karavavahai.

About the sloka taken from Varaha hora. That concept of Human sign becoming strong in Lagna, Water sign in 4th, Retail sign in 7th and Quadruped sign in 10th is not a new idea introduced by Mihira. The Garga Hora sloka stating the same is also available. Garga was a famous sage of the Jaina Parampara, and might have lived in the time of Skanda himself, since may ideas mentioned by Skanda by others, found its place in Garga Hora.

Skanda is the author of first book on astrology, known as Skanda hora many slokas of which is still available. Skanda hora is also called Jyotishmati Upanishad. All these texts are already lost though many slokas and references about these texts are available in many medieval astrological classics. Varaha Mihira might have collected the above mentioned idea, possibly from Garga or Skanda.

Yes, it is a mysterious literary history, that needs a lot of study and data collection. Just supplying some side thoughts. Isnt it?! Why should prediction alone be important in astrology??? Was Jyotisha meant only for predictions by the sages or to. So symbolism in astrology may reveal certain hidden meanings but to confine or use these meanings only for prediction? I am not sure if that alone is the purpose of astrology Personally I wouldnt care so much for predictions.

But I do want to understand things spoken by the sages Nalini: I too believe that astrology is not meant to predict alone, more to decipher your secret code. The purpose of the very life, how well are we living it, as it was meant to be? I feel many of our questions would be answered if we care to probe into the finer layers.

Dont you think understanding astrology gives us a fresh perspective of life? Sreenadh: The word Jyotish or Jyotisha does not seems to be appropriate compared to the original word that is used to denote astrology - the words used is Kala Tantra and Kala vidhana sastra, , meaning subject that deals with time or the science of time. Now coming to the word Jyotisha the better word used by our ancestors is JyothiHsastra, which is a combined name for Astrology, Astronomy and the related Mathematics.

Jyotis indicates the light emitting bodies, or the light reflecting bodies as seen from earth. Thus is indicates both stars and planets. Sastra means Ancient advice Sasyate ithi sastra. There fore in essence JyotiHsastra means Ancient advice about stars and planets or if you want to use the word science then say Science that deals with stars and planets. That meaning is entirely new to me, and never heard any one mentioning such a meaning. But what is that Isha?!! But what is Isha?! How can we say that it means God? If you have any reference, please provide. If we consider the subject matter of astrology, we will recognize that it deals with destiny, the rhythm of solar system, and movements of planets and mathematical.

It is better scientific, when known as the subject that deals with time or the science of time rather than Ancient advice about stars and planets. The demerit of the second definition is that in predictive astrology we are not at all dealing with the stars, but only with Nakshatras fixed area in sky covering an area of 13 deg 20 min. Unquote No dear, I have no reference to provide Time is always with regard to motions Or they are unenvenly placed? For instance, some people believe in unequal division of the zodiac. I came across an interesting link regarding how the 0 point in the zodiac would determine the extent to which there is equal division of the signs and the nakshatras?

Unquote I disagree - and is providing my thoughts on the word Jyotisha. Calendar system , Jyotisastra Study of light emitting or light reflecting celestial bodies etc. Mati means intelligence and also denotes an individual with intelligence, brainy person. The first text on astrology, i. Skanda Hora as per Arsha school is also known as Jyotishmati. Many slokas from this text is available even today.

May be the word Jyotish is the natural abbreviation of the ancient word Jyotishmati, which denotes astrology, astrological texts, and the astrologer. The exact meaning of the word Jyotish alone would be light related and does not seems to depict the exact subject matter of astrology. Quote Time is always with regard to motions I remember reading somewhere that if there was no movement with reference to something fixed, there would be no time, according to the theory of relativity.

Unquote We should better think according to relativity - as per context. Newtons law of gravitation is wrong as per Einstein and there is no force called gravitation but only curvature of space. But this statement does not keep us away from using Newtons laws of motion when we consider the planetary movements in solar system. Same is the case with Fixed areas in sky - Nakshatras. As you brought relativity, movements etc into picture - I would just like pose a puzzle.

You know it right?

I am just twisting the contextThe force of attraction, one body exerts on another depends on the mass of the other body and the distance between them! This means that the first body should KNOW the mass of the other body and the distance between them before hand!! And gravitation depends on that! How an inert body can KNOW the existence of the other body - is it that Newton wants to say that every body has a Mind within?!

Now may be you could see, how things could be misinterpreted, when taken out of context, or out of the framework where they are supposed to be used. In Science they use the word System to denote the framework with in which each concept is valid. Same is true for the concepts used in any holistic subject. Yes, I suggest, dive deep into the subject and understand the importance of the concept System or Frame work used both in Scientific and Holistic study methods. Quote I came across an interesting link regarding how the 0 point in the zodiac would determine the extent to which there is equal division of the signs and the nakshatras?

Unquote Signs and Nakshatras are mathematical divisions of the ecliptic, and in the current developmental stage of astrology has nothing to do with the imaginary shape of stellar constellations. If you want to know more about the mathematics and concepts behind the fixing of Zero point in the zodiac, and also how the signs and Nakshatras got divided, read the book Hindu Zodiac by Chandrahari. PS: We may find several questions for which none of us have any answer. But yes, we can enquire, search, ask others, and yes, when we are genuinely interested some answers will pope up from some corners when the time is ripe.

You have quoted from various places and said, Quote Jyotisastra Study of light emitting or light reflecting celestial bodies etc. Such a person alone can have jyotishmati to study jyotisastra, the way it is defined above. As for two bodies knowing Newtons law of attraction, could there not be an intelligence, a mati, in the so called inanimate objects too. Energy is the other side of matter and all energy is intelligent. Sreenadh: Some say that Jyoti-sastra means Science of Light. Should it be translated to Science of light or as Ancient knowledge about Light emitting celestial spheres?

As we all know Sun is the only light emitting object in the solar system - a star. Moon is a satellite that reflects the light of sun. Planets also reflects the light of sun, but to us the amount of light thus coming to earth from planets are very less, at times lesser than the brilliancy of hundreds of stars there in sky. Even though the light from sun and the sun light reflected by Moon are important for the life in earth, the light reflected by planets do not have any measurable influence in life on earth.

So in such a situation the influence?! Similar is the case with the gravitational influence of planets on earth and its living beings. So it is plainly clear to the people of the categories, such as 1 People who approach this subject scientifically. Or in essence to any person with logic and understanding who tries to study this. That is why most of the scientific community plainly discards Astrology, since its fundamentals House, significance etc have no correlation with the foundations of science, and the scientists are taught to think based on proven principles.

Therefore they are logically correct in discarding astrology as an absurd subject If we try to understand their view point. They will laugh at the concept of Light or Gravitation acting of different persons differently based on their the birth time of the native ; See how absurd the idea is! Yes, somehow the rhythm influence, destiny and it has a more subtle influence, than we are aware of till now, the scientists says, and they start studying it further with real interest!!

They are right, and they know their path!! Now coming to the second category of people, when they learns and understands the concepts basic hypothetical constructs in astrology such as Sign, House, Planet etc and tries to applies it in life, they find that it really works!! Some of them may be just satisfied by this itself.

When they look at the invaluable literature provided to us by our ancestors, they wonder!! Believe in the Rishi vakyas!! The traditional path of Astrology or Yoga!! They knew how much the rhythm is important and how it controlled the destiny!! The scientists looks outside - objective to subjective. The Yogi does the opposite. He looks inside - subjective to objective.

The first is the path of analytical thinking and the second of holistic thinking. To different paths merging in the same point!! The scientists are studying biological clock and circadian rhythm in detail. The astrologers by taking the help of programmers, and diving into the true essence of ancient statements are trying to co-relate their knowledge with it. But frankly speaking the scientists are better ahead of us astrologers in bridging this gap!! Look at the vast amount of research that is already done about biological clock, circadian rhythm etc!! Time the 4th dimension is an essential part of that rhythm, and it is the space-time continuum Siva the Mahakala is the one who is dancing in the cosmic rays!!

Why cosmic rays?! Because in science, you wont get a better example to represent the dance of energy, the eternal rhythm, Nataraja Nritham!! Thus in essence I am totally against, any attempt to argue that Astrology is based on light or gravity, or statements such as Light or gravitation can influence the destiny or the like. I find it not only unscientific, but also as an argument against the fundamentals of astrology. Neither Scientific nor Holistic approach supports such views.

Souvik Datta: I completely agree with you. I personally belong to the category two people the holistic group. Truth and facts are very important to me. If anything caters to it, I would call it science. It all started with. I was very excited to read your message on the division of the signs as Quadruped, biped, reptilian and water.

Are not these the stages of evolution in life? Life beginning in water with the reptiles graduating to the quadrupeds and then the bipeds? I am also curious about the significance of the rising of signs - some rising with the back, some with the front and so on What does this signify? Once again let me express my sincere gratitude to your initiative to open up I was going to say Pandoras box It is our basic curiosity that gets us to open up these boxes, in any case Puranic tales and their linkages with astrology is another topic of interest Sreeram Srinivas: Quote I was very excited to read your message on the division of the signs as Quadruped, biped, reptilian and water.

Unquote In Hinduism symbolism being used extensively. The more you delve into it, the more it reveals.

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I have paradox answer to the query of Ms Vinita. Then correlate it with the so called popular theory of Darwin Theory of Evolution. Do you find any sequence logics in this? Did Darwin get. Like our Bollywood copying freely from Hollywood! Second exercise - Identify the people around you whose birth lagna is quadruped i. Finally, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius. Then identify the zodiac relevant people in each category and analyze the results yourself. I am sure you will surely find it. Sreenadh: Quote I was very excited to read your message on the division of the signs as Quadruped, biped, reptilian and water.

Unquote Some body argues like that as well. But the prime question is we consider it as stages of evolution or anything like that, then, we should answer the questions 1 Can we show any previous instances of acharyas using it in that way? Because if the symbolism importance in is with out predictive purpose, then it is of not much Why?

Because Jyotisha Phalamadesa,. Phalarthamarambhanam bhavati loke Astrology is for prediction, all efforts are just to streamline prediction Quote I am also curious about the significance of the rising of signs - some rising with the back, some with the front and so on The concept behind it seems to be simple. Now we know that symbolic shapes are ascribed to the constellations in each sign.

I think it is clear. If somebody has any novel clarifying idea on this regard, it is welcome. Quote It is our basic curiosity that gets us to open up these boxes, in any case Unquote It should be like that only! Curiosity and inquisitiveness is the mothers of all inventions. Quote Puranic tales and their linkages with astrology is another topic of interest Unquote Right you said! Especially when it is very difficult to distinguish the worthy and unworthy and statements of people about the symbolism in Puranic literature. Vinita: What I want to know is what is the significance of this for Kala Tantra?

Sreenadh: The first answer that came to my mind is a statement without politeness - Read Krishneeyam and Dasadhyayi. It is there in it. Am I supposed to teach all this?! But then again looking at that question, I felt No, I shouldnt speak like that. There is something more god wants to teach me, even with this simple question. And I thought more about the Seershodaya divisions and the result is given below.

Ancient Indian Astrology AIA Yearly Digest 2006

Dear Vinita ji, thanks for probing and bringing out this result. Divisions Such as Seershodaya There seems to be a controversy related to the division of zodiac signs into Seershodaya, Prishtodaya and Ubhayodaya. But this answer is not complete, since Seershodaya means, rise with the head. While birth! This means only human signs can be Seershodaya signs, and all the other signs should be Prishtodaya signs except Pisces, which is an Ubhayodaya sign!

Let us verify the divisions of signs into Seershodaya etc as per this second logic. But there seems to be exceptions. Let us verify them. Because the second half of the Sagittarius sign rises first on the eastern horizon and that part is a Quadruped. Therefore it is OK to term Sagittarius as Prishtodaya.

But Mihira says that it is Seershodaya sign! So even though the head of the symbol Scorpio rises first in the eastern horizon, since it is a reptile sign and not a human sign , I would like to follow the opinion of Skanda and Parasara, and support the view that it is a Prishtodaya sign. But Mihira says that Leo is a Seershodaya sign!

Skanda Hora Keeps quiet on this issue What was his opinion? So let us agree to the view that Leo is Seershodaya. But I am satisfied. Because there seems to be clear cut logic working behind the classification of signs into Seershodaya, Prishtodaya and Ubhayodaya.